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April 2009

Dr. Steven Weisbart, senior vice president and chief economist of the Insurance Information Institute, spoke with us today in regards to A (H1N1)u and its implications on businesses. In terms of workers comp and business interruption, do you see any impact in those areas due to this outbreak? Not in terms of business interruption, the disease […]


The World Health Organization has raised its pandemic alert for A (H1N1) to phase 5, indicating the outbreak is one step short of a full pandemic. The organization urged all countries to implement their pandemic plans on fear A (H1N1) could reach phase 6, indicating a full-blow pandemic. We will be releasing a detailed briefing tomorrow for all in […]


A (H1N1) Update

by Emily Holbrook on April 28, 2009 · 0 comments

This will most likely be the first of many updates in regards to the recent A (H1N1) outbreak. As of this morning, the World Health Organization reported that U.S. A (H1N1) patients may have transmitted the virus to others in the U.S., which means it is not only being transmitted from people travelling back from Mexico, but has essentially […]


Security at Sea

by Emily Holbrook on April 27, 2009 · 0 comments

The NASDAQ news service has reported that Spain has officially allowed its vessels to employ private security guards to protect the ships crew and cargo while sailing the pirate-ladden waters off the coast of Somalia. Spain’s ministry of the interior granted permission for this measure after numerous news reports about the escalating problem of cargo […]