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May 2009

Bats. They’ve always gotten the short end of the stick. No one wants them as pets, people run in their opposite direction and they’re genuinely creepy. But bats also act as a natural insecticide and farmers rely on them as much as they would an irrigation system or tiller.   So the fact that a rare disease is […]

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That’s what economists are saying. And not just any economists — a panel of 45 economists from the National Association for Business Economics Outlook (NABE). In the report issued yesterday, the panel stated: They expect a further decline in economic activity during the second quarter, making for the most severe economic contraction in over half a […]


Any Volunteers?

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AIG head Edward Liddy has had enough. He is leaving the company. He has reportedly been talking to the board for a while about his exit strategy and although he will stay on as both chief executive and chairman until a successor is found, I think it’s fair to say that these past few months […]


Let’s hear it for Jesper Andersen and Toby Segaran, two geniuses who saw an opportunity after AAA-rated companies began to fail in the midst of the economic collapse. Their solution?  Sounds obvious — a more effective corporate credit risk modeling system. So the two entrepreneurs and analytics gurus put their heads together to form, which is: a […]