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April 2010

It started with the explosion of an exploratory drilling rig on April 20th off the coast of Louisiana. That event has spawned what some are calling a “Valdez-like oil spill.” The U.S. Coast Guard has said that oil is escaping from the well at a rate of about 5,000 barrels a day and Louisiana Governor […]


Text No More

by Emily Holbrook on April 28, 2010 · 2 comments

We all know the risks of being distracted while operating a vehicle and half of the states have even made the decision to outlaw texting while driving. But for some drivers, a law is not enough to discourage such actions. Texting while driving poses a huge threat not only to companies that employ drivers and […]


In today’s keynote luncheon at RIMS 2010, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, best-selling author of The Black Swan, told the story of a turkey who is fed by the farmer every morning for 1,000 days. Eventually the turkey comes to expect that every visit from the farmer means more good food. After all, that’s all that has […]


Being at the RIMS Annual Conference, you are faced with many tough decisions — like which event to attend after the Exhibit Hall closes for the day. Last night we were lucky enough to make it to the RIMS Canada reception and as the headline says, the great white north knows how to throw a […]