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June 2010

Cryptography: The art of writing or solving codes. Daniel Dantas: A Brazilian banker whose arrested in 2008 for attempting to bribe a police officer. He is also suspected of money laundering, embezzlement and other financial crimes. More importantly, he has managed to fool not only the South American authorities with his cryptographic locks on his […]


If you’re like me, you’re not that smart. And when you read complicated articles like this New York Times breakdown of Monday’s Supreme Court decision involving Sarbanes-Oxley, your head starts to hurt a little. Wait? What exactly happened? Will this change anything for companies? Fortunately, Anand Rao, partner at Diamond Management & Technology Consultants, is an expert in […]


As someone who actually listens to hip hop regularly, it is usually painful to see PSAs, commercials or really any organizational attempt to use rap as a method to appeal to the younger generations. The whole presentation and execution is usually just really, really poorly done and ends up just embarrassing the creators and, ironically, making them look old and […]


In tough times, finding new ways to cut your insurance costs are important. But sometimes savings go hand in hand with risks. In the latest online-only article from Risk Management, Dr. William Warfel, professor of insurance and risk management at Indiana State University and Dr. Stanley Adamson, the Baker Chair of Insurance at Missouri State […]

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