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October 2010

It would seem natural that with the increased number of people on the streets during Halloween, there would be an increase in car-pedestrian accidents. But it looks like California really outdoes other states when it comes to this hazard. According to Allstate Insurance, the number of people hit by cars in The Golden State jumps […]


Martin Broughton, the chairman of British Airways, has had it up to here with the horse-and-pony show of airport security requirements required for all European flights headed to the United States. “America does not do internally a lot of the things they demand that we do,” Broughton said in comments quoted by the Financial Times […]


The recent tsunami that devastated several remote islands in Indonesia has brought to light the country’s horrible history of natural disasters. Here, we take a look at the worst disasters to strike the chain of islands in Southeast Asia this year alone. June 16, 2010: The 7.0 magnitude Papua earthquake destroyed nine villages and killed […]


If you don’t participate in a fantasy football league, you may be considered a rare breed these days. According to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA), there are close to 30 million fantasy players in the United States alone, an increase of 54% from just two years ago. Sounds great, unless of course your employees […]