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April 2011

After hearing about yesterday’s massive tornado that demolished sections of the Southeast and waking up today to see the towns from Alabama, to Georgia and Virginia flattened, I can only watch in horror and wonder why storm after storm has wreaked havoc throughout the United States recently. 164 tornadoes were reported, spanning from Mississippi to […]


Here’s a good talk about risk at the board-level. (video via Deloitte) An excerpt from Henry Ristuccia, partner at Deloitte and co-leader of its governance and risk management services division. “What we’ve found as a result of lessons learned from the economic crisis and credit crisis is that major stakeholders feel that traditional risk management […]


Cloud computing has become a convenient and cost efficient way for companies to store data while using remote, shared servers located in the “cloud.” But what is cheap and easy, isn’t always safe. Take, for example. The company branched out into the cloud computing business five years ago and has since offered computing resources […]

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In this position, I receive so many press releases that it’s difficult to keep up and some sit in my email inbox unread because they don’t relate to this industry in the slightest way. However, I recently received one press release that not only caught my attention, it amazed me and inspired me to write […]