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June 2011

Given all the major disasters and other market realities of the past year, it’s hard to doubt that the hard market will soon be here. Policyholders have enjoyed a near-unprecedented stretch of favorable insurance premium prices, but it seems that even they now know that the jig is up. According to a recent survey by […]


The following is a guest post for The Monitor written by Maureen DeCicco, CPA, partner in the New Brunswick office of the consulting and accounting firm WithumSmith+Brown. She has 18 years of public accounting experience and five years in private industry accounting and internal audit. Whether your company is large or small, good corporate governance […]

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Colonel Jack Jacobs has one of the most impressive resumes ever seen. He is a Medal of Honor recipient, he holds the McDermott Chair of Humanities and Public Affairs at the U.S. Military Academy, he was founder and COO of AutoFinance Group and managing director of Bankers Trust, he is currently a principal of The […]


Wanna blame someone for your high insurance premiums? Point to the residents of California, Florida, Texas, New York and Michigan. Combined, these five states generate half of the nation’s questionable insurance claims — most of which are either suspect auto policy submissions or fake injury claims. These states account for 49 percent of all “questionable […]

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