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July 2011

Lately, it seems as if almost every week there is a protest of some kind at some point in the world. From hundreds demonstrating against nuclear power in Madrid to protests and travel disruptions in Delhi to the deadly anti-government coup in Cairo, there is almost no corner of the world that is immune from […]


Remember when we brought you that story about Mason, the dog who survived a tornado and crawled home with two broken legs three weeks later? Well as incredible as that was, we now have a tale of disaster survival from the animal kingdom that, while not quite as adorable, is even more extraordinary. Two gold fish […]


Business will never embrace regulation. The market yearns to be free and regulation, most of the time, places restrictions on unbridled capitalism. Some rules improve the competitive landscape for nearly all stakeholders, but that is the rare case. One constant problem regarding regulation is the question of who does the regulating. In order to provide […]


One of the biggest exposures in IT systems is the simple fact that too many people have access to information that they don’t need access to. The military has long kept everyone on a “need to know basis,” but companies in the digital age have been less effective in maintaining levels of data clearance. Usually, […]