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October 2011

Thailand is underwater. The current flood is the worst the nation has faced in 50 years and hundreds have died. It’s a tragic disaster affecting millions, but it is also one that is having profound affects on the global supply chain. For example, according to the global supplier database provider Panjiva (which had this interesting profile […]

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Yesterday was the 2nd annual CLM Women’s Forum. Held at the Walter Reade Theatre in Lincoln Center, the event drew more than 200 women from the fields of law, risk management and insurance. One of the engaging panel discussions was on the topic of social media and social networking. Leading this discussion was Holly Maust, […]

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Thailand’s worst flooding in five decades has affected companies in every industry, from automotive to technology to pharmaceuticals and beyond. As we saw with the earthquake in Japan, it’s a company’s supply chain that is affected most when natural disasters strike. Thailand is a midsize country of 67 million people and its outsized importance in […]


So you wanna be a risk manager? Great. First step: you’re going to need to get a job in the field. As always, that’s the challenging part. Most companies want people with experience. But how do you get experience if you need experience before you can get experience? How do you get that first job? A few […]