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December 2011

Late yesterday, the Federal Reserve proposed rules requiring the nation’s largest banks to hold more capital and to keep it more easily accessible. This is one effort on their part to prevent another financial crisis. Tough specific details are still forthcoming, the requirements are seen as less strict than those put forth for international banks […]


Fear Factor, Wipe Out, Survivor and even The Biggest Loser are all shows that put contestants at risk. And in order to gain viewers’ attention (and ratings to keep advertisers happy), reality shows are constantly trying to one-up each other while in turn increasing their risk. So how do these shows get away with it? […]


(Randy Heffernan is the vice president of Palisade Corporation, a developer of risk and decision analysis software.) Taken separately, most severe natural events are unlikely to occur. However, Mother Nature can take many forms, and her wrath is notoriously difficult to predict accurately, even with the best practices and software tools used by meteorologists. It […]


The newest edition of the monthly Cavalcade of Risk is now online at the Chatswood Consulting blog. This issue features posts on risk management and insurance from around the web, including: Tips on how to protect yourself from identity theft from the folks at Boomer & Echo Gaming-centered financial risk management (with broader implications) from […]