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July 2012

Yesterday, a meeting of minds discussed the state of the insurance market and the RIMS Benchmark Survey in a webinar that was broadcast live from the RIMS offices in Manhattan. The panel of experts included: Jim Blinn, principal at Advisen (moderator) Richard W. Sarnie, vice president of risk management for The Great Atlantic & Pacific […]


As an editor of a publication, I get a lot of emails that don’t amount to much — mostly press releases. But every once in a while, there is a gem in a pile of useless information. Today, I found a gem. The following are the three most curious claims as reported by Mercury Insurance’s […]


The debate over revisions to the Cybersecurity Act of 2012 has been fierce and, of course, mostly partisan. Recently, sponsors dropped a measure that would require critical private sector companies to adopt security standards, rather than making such measures voluntary. On the one side, critics say the bill is a step in the right direction […]


When a hacker infiltrates your personal checking account to pilfer money, your bank, in most cases, will assume liability and resolve the matter of missing money. When a business account is hacked, however, the business owner is held liable. The reasoning? Banks feel that owners should have proper security measures in place to protect their […]

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