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January 2013

On January 29, Robert Meyer came to New York to speak about disaster resilience. As a co-director of the Wharton Risk Management and Decision Process Center, few know more about the topic than he does. The crowd was mostly University of Pennsylvania alums who have migrated north to Manhattan, so the tragedy of Hurricane Sandy was fresh on […]


As the Super Bowl gets under way Sunday in New Orleans, event organizers will be working feverishly behind the scenes, making certain that all aspects of the game go off without a hitch. From plans that focus on the potential for severe weather to controlling alcohol intake by fans to ensuring the halftime show goes […]


A building in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, is flooded from Hurricane Sandy. When the five-year extension of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) was signed by President Obama in July 2012, the debate over whether the federal government had a vital role in the flood insurance market seemed to be settled. From 2008 to the signing […]


In the past several years, pirate attacks on vessels in the northern Indian Ocean made headlines as hostages and the ships on which they worked were held for ransom in record numbers. It proved to be an attractive and lucrative career for poor residents of Somalia and surrounding areas — many of whom have little […]

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