50 of the Best Risk Management Blogs

Masters in Risk Management recently put out its list of the the Top 50 Risk Management blogs. We were fortunate to be included, which is nice. More importantly, there are a lot of other very good resources listed here that you should check out.

Clear Risk Blog, Crisis Blogger and the Risk and Safety Blog are all among my favorites.

Here’s an excerpt of their list.

12. BCU Risk Management and Insurance Blog: BCU handles property and liability insurance for the affluent, focusing on high net-worth individuals, families and related business activities.
13. Insurance & Technology Blog: Part of UBM TechWeb, this blog covers risk management and information about technology insurance.
14. Insurance for Techs: Commentary and advice on technology insurance and risk management.
15. Lloyd’s Blog: Experts discuss the latest issues that impact the insurance industry and Lloyd’s market.
16. Paperless Insurance Business Blog: This blog covers a large number of topics under the risk management umbrella.
17. Professional Insurers Blog: This company specializes in risk management audits, service plans, consulting and goals.
18. Risk Management Monitor: The Risk Management Monitor is the official blog of Risk Management magazine and provides daily stories, commentary, interviews, podcasts and videos related to the world of risk management and insurance.
19. Sports Insurance Blog: John Sadler designed and teaches courses in risk management and sports insurance to hundreds of recreation professionals each year.
20. WorkComp Edge Blog: This blog a resource on workers compensation and other risk management issues.

Click through for to see all 50.

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