An Unfortunate Cancellation

by Bill Coffin on April 22, 2009 · 3 comments

With so much ink having been spilled over AIG in recent weeks, it seemed a particularly forward-thinking move for AIU to host a session today entitled “Evaluating Carrier Security Through Financial Crisis.” After all, the insurance wing of AIG is not the part of the company that caused all of the trouble with credit default swaps. It’s still a world leader in insurance, and it is a firm with an enormous amount of strength behind it. It’s almost unfair that such a well-run operation should suffer any stigma attached to its parent, and for things it had nothing to do with, but unfair things happen all the time. Especially in the world of insurance.

Unfortunately, when I went to the session, I found that it had been cancelled. Exactly why it was canceled is something I don’t know and honestly, I don’t much care to. After all, AIU has a long-standing relationship with RIMS and with this Conference, and there could be any number of reasons why the session did not come together. That’s not the point.

This session would have been a great opportunity for AIU to talk frankly to those who want to know if their insurance partners are really going to be there for them when they are needed. I suspect the event would have attracted a fair bit of trade media attraction, which is always reason for any firm to get a little nervous. But that aside, AIU has a lot of information and insight to share. It’s too bad they could do that with us today. Another time, perhaps.

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