Nearly 10% of Americans Have Gone to Work High

Marijuana in the workplace

According to a new study conducted by Mashable and Survey Monkey, 9.74% of American workers have been under the influence of marijuana when they went to work. Of that group, about 81% obtained the pot illegally, meaning only 19%  purchased it recreationally in Washington or Colorado, or bought it for medicinal purposes where medical marijuana has been legalized in one of 23 states or Washington, D.C.

Nearly three times as many workers have been on prescription drugs on the job, but only 7.28% reported that they had taken the drugs recreationally, and 95.36% had obtained the medication legally, with a doctor’s prescription.

Check out the infographic below for more of the study’s findings on drug use in the workplace, and who some of the riskiest employees may be:

Drugs at work infographic

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One thought on “Nearly 10% of Americans Have Gone to Work High

  1. Time for mandatory drug testing……years ago casual drug use was not as prominent, they were weekend users. Not to mention the legal prescibed RX had not reached the proportion of todays needy society. Don’t you want to know who’s on what when we are working in such close quarters? The moral and social degredation that exists in today’s world far out weighs “doing the right thing”! Today’s pot is 20 times stronger than that of the 60’s & 70’s, and it’s easy to buy illicit anything off the street…..yikes!! It’s an epidemic, that’s gone overlooked for too long…….

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