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Cavalcade of Risk

Cavalcade of Risk #171

by Emily Holbrook on November 28, 2012 · 2 comments

Welcome to the newest edition of the Cavalcade of Risk. Below you will find pertinent blog posts by knowledgeable people in the risk management and insurance community. Let us know what you think in the comments section below. Insurance Claims and Issues: Dennis Wall writes about computer models and how they have been used to […]


The “Timeline” portion of the November issue of Risk Management (online and in print November 1) features a disturbing sequence of workplace homicides based on retaliation, from the first Post Office shooting that coined the term “going postal” to the more recent shooting near the Empire State Building. All instances focused on employees retaliating against managers, supervisors […]


Cavalcade of Risk #165

by Emily Holbrook on September 7, 2012 · 0 comments

Jason Shafrin combines Vegas and the start of the NFL season to present this week’s round-up of risk-related bloggery. What’s so unique (and interesting) about this edition is Jason’s use of Vegas-style odds as applied to each post. You can check it out on his blog, Healthcare Economist. Included are:  Work Comp Roundup how companies […]


Today marks the 164th edition of the Cavalcade of Risk, a gathering of the most important and well-written posts within the blogosphere pertaining to risk and insurance. In this edition, industry bloggers have covered everything from workers comp to investing risk to disease management. And it’s all here for you: Investment Risk: Investing in bonds […]

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