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Some have called the clothing and textile factories in South Asia “death traps.” And many would find it hard to argue otherwise, taking into account the region’s spate of factory fires in recent months. In September, 289 people perished during a fire in a Pakistani textile factory complex. As is the case in many of these tragedies, workers [...]

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Throughout his distinguished career, Earth Policy Institute founder and president Lester Brown has sought to protect resources across the globe. This morning in his opening address at the World Conference on Disaster Management in Toronto, he stressed the importance of one that may now be as important as any ocean, rainforest or glacier. ”Time is our [...]

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“Organized” chaos A few weeks ago, a report came out that — once again — India led the world in traffic deaths. Given its population (estimated at nearly 1.2 billion, which puts it behind only China), the nation would logically be near the top of the list regardless of any priority it placed on safety. [...]


According to the Times of India, risk management has come into much greater in focus in India ever since the financial collapse rocked the global economy twelve months ago. The global shockwaves following Lehman Brothers’ collapse have woken India Inc to the importance of sound risk management system to tide over future crises. Despite the [...]