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Reputation Risk

Many of the attacks launched against today’s brands are as covert as they are debilitating. In today’s connected age, savvy cyber criminals often blitz companies with a flurry of activity across an array of online channels. To make matters worse, employees who are using the Internet casually or personally create a vulnerability for businesses: workers [...]


First, Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 mysteriously disappeared in March, dominating the news cycle and baffling aviation experts, government officials and civilian observers alike. This month, three tragedies in short succession have kept the industry in the hot seat. Malaysia Airlines made headlines once again on July 17 after Flight MH 17, a Boeing 777 flying [...]

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Improving reputation remains a chief objective in the financial services industry — and rightfully so, according to a new study that reports firms saw an average of 27% of revenue lost in the past two years due to reputation and customer service issues stemming from the financial crisis. The 2014 Makovsky Wall Street Reputation Study [...]


Employee turnover creates tremendous risk—resources are lost in recruitment and training, productivity lags with insufficient staffing, intellectual property can be exposed, and no company wants to get a reputation as a place where no one can stay very long. Further, the implications for workers comp, lawsuits and insurance extended to employees can cause headaches long [...]