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Reputation Risk

Improving reputation remains a chief objective in the financial services industry — and rightfully so, according to a new study that reports firms saw an average of 27% of revenue lost in the past two years due to reputation and customer service issues stemming from the financial crisis. The 2014 Makovsky Wall Street Reputation Study [...]


Employee turnover creates tremendous risk—resources are lost in recruitment and training, productivity lags with insufficient staffing, intellectual property can be exposed, and no company wants to get a reputation as a place where no one can stay very long. Further, the implications for workers comp, lawsuits and insurance extended to employees can cause headaches long [...]


On Feb. 5, CVS Caremark Chief Executive Larry Merlo said, “We’ve come to the decision that cigarettes have no place in an environment where healthcare is being delivered.” The company, he announced, will remove all cigarette and tobacco products from its 7,600 pharmacies nationwide by Oct. 1. The move is expensive, with up to $2 [...]


Last month, the American Customer Satisfaction Index released its latest figures for 190 major brands across all industries. The finance and insurance industries got some good news: satisfaction increased across the sector in 2013. But a careful look at some of the “worst” companies in the survey reveals a trend that may call into question [...]