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With data from 15,000 customers and over 100 insurance executives, consulting firm Capgemini and Efma found that enhancing customer experiences directly impacted insurers’ profitability. “Given the increasing demand of internet and mobile channels in insurance, digital transformation is an effective approach to create positive experiences, secure customer loyalty, and ultimately improve insurers’ profitability,” the report [...]

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In the October issue of Risk Management, social media and eDiscovery expert Adam Cohen chatted with me about the biggest corporate risks in sites like Facebook and Twitter, and outlined some best practices for developing and enforcing a social media policy. But behind every account sits one major risk that’s hard to control: a person. [...]


Today’s “social age” has brought many changes to the corporate world and increased the competitive threats enterprises have to deal with on an ongoing basis. Traditionally, competition has been upfront and direct with open head-to-head strategies to win customers and market share. But as the world approaches a complete “digital state” the competitive tactics against [...]


In mid-November, Facebook became the target of spam attack that infiltrated user’s profile pages on which it posted disturbing images. The attack caused an uproar due to the nature of the violent and sexually explicit images. Facebook chalked it up to a “security bug in an internet browser.” But this was not the first (or, most likely, [...]

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