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Mavericks owner Mark Cuban (third from right) with his players at ESPN’s ESPY Awards. Each year, our December issue of Risk Management highlights the Year in Risk. Basically, we look back at the year that was through the lens of risk and offer a time line of its biggest events as they relate to the […]


As the saying goes, “Winning isn’t everything.” That is unless you’re the general manager of a Major League Baseball team. Then it’s probably the main thing. But in the baseball world, winners and losers are often separated by millions and millions of dollars. The smaller market have-nots can’t easily compete with their wealthier large-market counterparts that can spend […]


For me, the surest sign that spring has arrived is the beginning of the baseball season. And although the season officially kicked off with a series of games between the Oakland Athletics and Seattle Mariners last week in Japan, it really began in earnest last night when the defending World Series champion St. Louis Cardinals […]


Risk, death and baseball: three exciting topics that have unfortunately converged to become a grave concern for Major League Baseball this season. One fan recently died in Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, Texas, while reaching over a railing for a ball. Last summer, another fan fell 30 feet and fractured his skull. This, combined with some […]

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