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Superstorm Sandy wreaked havoc not only on the people of the tri-state area, but also on insurance companies. In a recent edition of Credit Matters, a talk show produced by Standard & Poor’s, Taoufik Gharib, director of S&P’s insurance sector, discusses the insurance lines most affected by Superstorm Sandy, the uncertainty that remains in industry […]


The Justice Department is investigating Standard & Poor’s for improperly rating the garbage mortgage-backed securities that tanked the economy once the world caught on that they were toxic assets. The anonymous folks who leaked this info to the press claim that the inquiry began prior to S&P’s downgrade of U.S. debt, but many have speculated […]

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Let’s hear it for Jesper Andersen and Toby Segaran, two geniuses who saw an opportunity after AAA-rated companies began to fail in the midst of the economic collapse. Their solution?  Sounds obvious — a more effective corporate credit risk modeling system. So the two entrepreneurs and analytics gurus put their heads together to form, which is: a […]


Chairman Paul Kanjorski presided over the congressional hearing involving state representatives, the NAIC, the Treasury Department, the Office of Thrift Supervision and Standard & Poor’s. “We meet today to scrutinize American International Group,” Kanjorski began. He continued, explaining that the reason for the current and future meetings was to discern several things – namely how […]