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Faithful readers: the January/February issue of Risk Management magazine is now online. The cover story focuses on women’s struggles and successes within the risk management and insurance industry. Other features explore the rising risk of pirate threats on the high seas, the 3 worst assumptions risk managers make and how a new SEC rule changed […]


We got some very good news as far as the overall economic recovery goes: businesses, especially small businesses, are hiring. As this CNN Money article notes, small businesses, in part due to their operational agility, are often the first to start hiring as the economy improves. Most importantly, the 297,000 jobs added significantly outpaced the […]


A “phisher” looking to gain access to people’s banking details managed to upload a malicious app to the app store for Google’s Android smart phone (which is Google’s answer to the iPhone). And while it was quickly removed once discovered, this brings into question whether or not Google needs to be more stringent on the […]


Three bomb-sniffing dogs at the Philly International airport failed their recertification tests and have been relieved of duty. While laying off security dogs may sound like overkill, even in the new climate of airline security sensitivity, one expert notes that “these dogs are not ornamental. They are there for a purpose. If the purpose is […]

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