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Properly assessing risk is critical to any business. Successful businesspeople understand that every decision they make must be weighed against the potential risk to the company. This risk assessment must not be limited solely to situations directly related to the business itself, however. They must also consider reputation risk, or the risk events will have […]


In an interview for this month’s issue of Risk Management magazine, lawyer and social media specialist Adam Cohen cautioned businesses that the risks of social networking sites extend beyond explosive posting faux pas. “In most cases, corporations don’t realize that what they put on these social media services is all subject to the privacy policies […]


  More and more we are hearing of the increased frequency with which data breaches are occurring. You read about it the newspaper, see it on the news and sometimes you get notices in your inbox in real-time, like I do. What used to be a once-a-week data breach email alert from, an open […]


As social media becomes more important to brands, companies have learned to embrace the marketing tool as a necessity. But many organizations don’t have the time it takes to build an audience of followers on Facebook and Twitter. This is where third party marketing agencies come in. But, as evidenced in recent legal headlines, the […]

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