The 500 Worst Passwords

For all the talk about high-tech advancements that organizations can make to improve cybersecurity, the best solution is often the simplest of all. Even in 2011, most people use shockingly weak passwords to protect their accounts. I get that it can be difficult to remember all the different passwords for all your different accounts and that this makes using “Red Sox” or “password” much easier than “yzxtwq8492$$**” but it also leaves you a lot more vulnerable.

To illustrate the weakness of most passwords, one designer has made a poster of the 500 worst, according to Mark Burnett’s book Perfect Password: Selection, Protection, Authentication. (via Craziest Gadgets)

Since this is a family site, the naughty passwords have been blacked out. You can click through to the original to see the NSFW version.

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