OSHA Addressing H1N1 Ahead of Fall Return

The flu season is expected to peak in October, just one day away. Because of this, OSHA is holding a forum on preparing your workplace for the expected outbreak of the H1N1 virus. “Workplace Preparedness: How Small Businesses Can Prepare for H1N1 Influenza” will be held tomorrow, September 30th from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm in the Department of Labor’s Frances Perkins Building auditorium in Washington. As the news release states:

Expert panelists will discuss the differences between seasonal and pandemic influenza and explore work practices that employers can adopt to prevent the spread of the virus. Panelists will also examine strategies for assessing workplace exposure, communicating risks to workers and planning for a more severe influenza pandemic. Additionally, participants will receive guidance on continuing operations if a business experiences staff absenteeism.

In the news release, assistant secretary of labor for OSHA Jordan Barab said “The H1N1 virus could have a major impact on the nation during the flu season. Planning is critical, and this forum underscores the importance of employers taking the necessary steps to protect workers from this threat.”

Interested in attending? Contact Russell Jones at jones.russell@dol.gov or 202.693.2532. If you can’t attend, but want more information on pandemic preparedness, check out OSHA’s pandemic page, which provides general pandemic information, links to publications addressing workplace preparedness and FAQ’s on the subject.

How are you preparing? We look forward to reading your responses.

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